President Obama Will Be Impeached This Coming Winter

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Credit: Creative Commons

If the polls are correct and the Senate goes Republican this November, the House of Representatives will make impeaching the president its first order of business. And it will pass the Republican House overwhelmingly.
In theory, it shouldn’t matter to the House whether the Senate has a Republican majority or not. The House can impeach regardless. But with the Senate in Democratic hands, the House leadership can argue that there is no point in impeaching (which is merely an indictment) when the Senate won’t convict.
If, as is likely, the Senate is in Republican hands, it will impeach, a Senate trial will take place, and it will be followed by a vote to remove the president from office.
On what grounds, one might ask.
It doesn’t matter. The Constitution specifies only that a president can be removed for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” leaving it to Congress to decide what constitutes those crimes.
The Republicans will have no problem with that. They can impeach the President over Benghazi, or the immigrant crisis, or for his use of executive power to amend Obamacare. They have a dozen grounds for impeachment…but really only one.
The reason the President will be impeached is because he is African-American. That is why the Republicans have never accepted his legitimacy, it is why they openly stated that their goal was to have him fail, it is why they have brought governance in Washington to a halt. They cannot tolerate the idea that America elected a black president. And then re-elected him.
For them, the president’s removal from office (no president has ever been impeached and then removed) would place a giant asterisk next to the 44th president’s name. He never was president at all, because in the end he was removed from office.
Yes, it’s crazy but that is the way the right thinks. They suffer every day knowing that a black man lives in the White House. He is, for them, a stain on everything they hold dear.
So they will impeach in order to wake up from this nightmare.
Will they succeed? Unlikely. But even the act of trying will damage this country and everything that has been achieved in race relations since the Voting Rights Act was passed.
And that’s the point–to roll the clock back to before 1965 when blacks couldn’t vote, let alone be elected president. Impeachment, voter suppression, gerrymandering are all part of the same game. So is the crazed emphasis on gun ownership.
Just listen to Palin, Gingrich, Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum and the rest. They could not make their intentions any more clear. They want the black president gone.