Feeling Our Pain Is the Way to Peace


On Monday night we found out that the search ended, the three young men who were kidnapped eighteen days ago have been discovered dead, buried in some wadi near Hebron. Apparently they were killed almost immediately after being kidnapped. The smell of revenge is in the air…
In the news some politicians are arguing that the best response is to build more settlements in order to show the Hamas that we are creating the possibility of life where lives were destroyed. Others are talking about increasing public transportation to the settlements so that young people do not have to hitchhike. The Israeli military is destroying homes without any consideration for the law and imprisoning relatives of the murderers, and hundreds of others. Netanyahu is saying, “Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay.” And Hamas is saying: “All Hell will break loose if you attack.” Planes are flying over us, Gaza is being bombed, and there is a sense that war is just around the corner….
I want to scream ENOUGH to acting out our pain. Can we just take some time to feel it?
It is possible to feel the grief, the rage, the horror and emerge from the other side with deep heart connection towards our “enemies.”
I work with a group of Muslims, Druze, Christians, and Jews who live in Israel who know how to do this. We teach people to do it. Now we want to share this knowledge with the world by making a film about it and training trainers who will teach thousands more. Please take the time to watch this video about our film and support our efforts:

With deep sadness and love and prayers for peace,

3 thoughts on “Feeling Our Pain Is the Way to Peace

  1. a truly amazing video of courageous people willing to risk so much to find the secrets to healing and peace……..tolerance and equality………….

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