The Greenest Man in America!

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Going green is about more than buying all the gluten-free quinoa you can fit in your Prius. It’s about community organizing against corporate polluters and challenging environmental racism — and then enjoying your quinoa.
That’s the message from my good friend, the “Greenest Man in America.” If you haven’t met him yet, you’re in luck!
And no, he’s not Al Gore…
[youtube: video=”WJdx3Ppuib0″]

Green consumerism might make us feel better about our light bulbs and hemp shopping bags, but it doesn’t challenge the corporations and politicians that are destroying our communities and our climate. That takes organizing.
If you enjoyed the video, make sure to check out the Our Power Campaign, which is building a just transition from extreme energy to local, living economies with climate jobs for low-income communities. This summer, Richmond, CA will host the Our Power National Convening from August 6-9, coinciding with the second anniversary of the 2012 massive Chevron refinery fire.
It’s what the Greenest Man in America would want you to do.