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Please take a second to sign the petition for the ESRA–Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the US Constitution! We are working with to get our campaign better known, but they’ll only help us if we can demonstrate real support for this approach. It is by far the most comprehensive strategy to save the life-support-system of Earth, and the only way that can withstand being declared unconstitutional by the current reactionary Supreme Court.
It takes less than a minute! Even if you already signed it on the Tikkun website, the people need to see that there are enough people behind it to give it their attention and support, so we need to ask you to sign it again. And then PLEASE SEND IT OUT TO EVERYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LISTS, FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND EVERY OTHER PLACE, FROM YOU, ASKING THEM TO SIGN THE PETITION AS IT APPEARS ON THE MOVEON PAGE:
Just to remind you, the ESRA:
*Bans money in federal and state elections (including primary elections) from any source except public funding and requires major media to give free and equal time to all major candidates.
*Requires large corporations (incomes over $50 million/yr) to get a new corporate charter every five years which they can only get if they can prove a satisfactory history of environmental and social responsibility–to a panel of ordinary citizens which will also receive testimony from people around the world who have been impacted by the products, services, advertising, environmental behavior, treatment of employees, of that corporation. Any corporation selling its products, services or using the US banks, investment companies, stock exchanges, or otherwise doing business in or through the United States and with incomes over $50 million shall similarly be required to get a US charter permitting them to operate in the U.S.
*All schools will be required to teach a course on environmental and social responsibility every year from kindergarten through graduate or professional schools required for all students.
*Every part of the US Constitution or any trade agreements which would prohibit the implementation of this Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are hereby declared null and void in regard to those aspects that are deemend contrary to the implementation of the ESRA, but only in regard to those aspects, but may still be used in regard to issues not directly addressed by the ESRA.
You can read the full ESRA at
Please approach your own community, friends, professional organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions, unions, civic organizations, your political party, and your elected officials at city, county, state and national level ot ask them to endorse the ESRA. It would help greatly if you would a. Join our interfaith and secular-humanist welcoming Network of Spiritual Progressives at and help us build a campaign in your own area for the ESRA and our other projects. Contact our new national director, Cat Zavis, to get involved once you’ve joined–
Best wishes,
Rabbi Michael Lerner and Pastor J.Alfred Smith, Sr.
co-chairs, The Network of Spiritual Progressives