Two years ago, on February 11th 2012, Whitney Houston passed into Eternity. Two years after her passing, and a sorrow that never seems to quite quit, I can candidly say the gratitude I feel for this human being, and totally human she was, is finally outshadowing my awareness of her loss. That statement doesn’t come easy.

Perhaps some of us do not know what to make of a country that remains entrenched in the glorification of militarism and soldiery, as ours so clearly is, even in a time when reports of the men, women and children starving to death in Syria – eating grass and stray cats to stay alive – have been documented in the major news outlets. Perhaps some of our brethren think they’re too sophisticated, too streetwise, too savvy – too something – to “fall” for such reports of the starving, dying people of Syria. Perhaps some think nothing we do will amount to a hill of beans anyway.

Tikkun magazine and Tikkun Daily are different from the secular media. Here, in this space, we are freely allowed to profess our faith in the Almighty Creator. We are allowed to express our sorrow, and plead to God to intervene in these human crises that shake our hearts and rattle our consciences.

I am shocked by the way this country has turned its back on the innocent, the gassed, the tortured, the butchered, and the starving civilians of Syria. But I am ever grateful to God for giving us a divine voice, delivered by a beautiful and heart-filled/heartbroken lady who died two years ago today, to help carry us through this time, when we know some of our fellow human beings, at this moment, are eating grass to stay alive. Whitney’s voice increases my faith and gives me strength in the midst of this unfolding crime against humanity, and I hope her voice will increase yours as well, whatever your religion. Whatever your politics, I hope her voice will encourage you to turn back from despair.

Here is a clip of Whitney signing “This Day” in Spain in 1991. Lord, we need your love…this day.

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