Woke up this morning to see that the lobby’s war against President Obama’s agreement with Iran is the second lede in the New York Times. Read it here. Surprisingly, the Times mentions AIPAC by name which is rare. Note also Democratic senator Ben Cardin (MD) calling out the president for criticizing the lobby’s effort rather than calling out the lobby that he is so tight with for obstructing U.S. policy. Note also that Carl Levin, no surprise for him, is fiercely supporting the agreement and his president.

The article states that passage of the AIPAC resolution, followed by a veto override, would be an “historic repudiation” of the president. “Democrats recognize the delicacy of Mr. Obama’s signing the first veto of his presidency on an Iran bill, and to have that first veto overridden would be a historic repudiation. But Democrats said the current lull can hold only for a matter of weeks, not months.”

That could mean that AIPAC will use its March “policy conference” as the venue for an all out campaign to defeat the agreement, thereby putting the United States, in the White House’s words, on a “march to war.”

Here is the list of senators who support the AIPAC sanctions bill. (Cory Booker has certainly started his Senate career in a particularly irresponsible way). I suggest emailing the Democrats to express your views. And, if you happen to be a big donor, call your senator. It is, after all, the donors, who senators respond to. Especially on issues like these.

On a happier note, Ron Kampeas of JTA reports that the National Jewish Democratic Council has attacked both AIPAC and the American Jewish Committee for “strong-arm tactics, essentially threatening people that if they don’t vote a particular way, that somehow that makes them anti-Israel or means the abandonment of the Jewish community.” It is specifically referring to the Iran issue. See Rabbi Jack Moline’s statement here.

Most of the people who receive this are Jewish, To put it mildly, we have a special responsibility not to permit the lobby (and its Congressional cutouts) to obstruct the president’s effort to avert war in our name. Anyone who knows anything about Jewish history will understand that the lobby’s effort is singularly dangerous as well as wrong.

For the record, an email from an Israeli family named Horowitz that arrived this morning: January 14, 2014 3;33 AM I, and my family, are Israelis living and working in Tel-Aviv (sic) and loving our country.A simple question entered my mind on reading your article. Have AIPAC and American Jews gone completely insane?”

Have we?

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