The struggle over immigration rights has been intensifying, with undocumented activists like the “Dream 9″ testing out the new legal strategy of petitioning for humanitarian parole and immigration reform coalitions like the Alliance for Citizenship mobilizing supporters to speak out at political events held in their home states during the congressional recess this August.

coverWhile Congress has haggled over border militarization, Tikkun‘s been pursuing stories of immigration activism and analyses based in radical love. The result: our summer print issue, “Away with All Borders: Embracing Immigration and Ending Deportation.”

Some contributors to this special issue dream of transnational social safety nets while others draw on sacred texts to energize their faith communities around migrant rights. Others report on activist struggles ranging from anti-deportation actions to border solidarity efforts. If you did not receive this print issue in the mail, you can still subscribe now to gain access to the web version of it immediately or order a paper copy in the mail.

Meanwhile, Tikkun contributing editor Josh Healey has also been hard at work on a powerful project of his own – a comedic call to action for humane immigration reform. Produced by CultureStrike coordinator Favianna Rodriguez, Healey’s short film stars comedy legends Richard Montoya and Corey Fischer. Sometimes a funny video can carry an important message to more new audiences than an earnest analysis, so please do share it widely across your networks, along with links to our summer print articles!

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