How I Joined Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman as an Official, Self-Hating Jew

Today, I learned that – due to my writing for Daily Kos and Tikkun – I have been officially declared a self-hating Jew, joining the likes of Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman on a list I’m only too proud to embrace (links to which appear below).
How did this happen?
It’s quite simple and rather mundane. See, as an American progressive, I have long held that one of the most important geopolitical issues of our time is Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian territories, and the U.S. government’s role in enabling this military occupation. I have long held that America’s unwillingness to seriously intervene in this asymmetric conflict, to use its inordinate leverage (namely: $3 billion in annual funding) to compel Israelis to embrace a two-state settlement is a moral and political embarrassment.
As a Jewish progressive, I have long held that this occupation and domination of another people is the single greatest moral failing of my generation. For the human rights abuses Israel’s sustained occupation has wrought – civilians being subjected to undemocratic, military rule, indefinite detentions, home demolitions, restrictions on basic freedoms, and worse – make me shudder with shame and sadness.
And for harboring such political perspectives, I have been called an anti-Semite by conservatives and progressives alike, a term that has become so diluted by misuse that all it really amounts to anymore is a glorified way of saying I disagree with you.
And now, I have joined Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman (among many others) on an ‘official’ list of self-hating Jews curated by a right-wing, extremist organization that – tragically – mirrors the views of too many middle-of-the-road Americans.

Here is part of Glenn Greenwald’s entry (this link contains adult content), earned for honest political critiques of American foreign policy in the region:

He uses classically anti-Semitic narratives regarding Jewish power and dual loyalty – while also warning of the corrosive effects of Jewish money.

And here is a section of Amy Goodman’s entry (which also contains adult content), earned for some of the smartest, in-depth reporting on Israel and Palestine:

Pro-Palestinian writer and host on Pacifica Radio and one of many leftist radical Jews who populate the airwaves on Pacifica Radio. The media watchdog group CAMERA condemned her Pacifica Radio for “repeatedly providing a forum for racists, anti-Semites and other critics of Israel.” She is also a ubiquitous speaker at anti-U.S. and anti-Israel rallies.

And here is a portion of my entry, or rather snippets of my writing which earned my place on this self-hating list:

Palestinians are controlled in an apartheid state without any political rights … [Israeli leaders are still stricken by] psychological demons that stretch back to the Holocaust, demons which magnify Jewish victimhood such that brutalizing another people becomes a justifiable, even necessary position.

Now, that fact that this self-hating list exists, or that it’s run by an extremist organization, should be neither surprising nor noteworthy. What is noteworthy, however, is the fact that too many progressive Americans – and Americans in general – view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as simply a match between two peoples who hate each other, a match that they should just figure out on their own (or destroy each other trying).
How could such an asymmetrical conflict – with one of the most sophisticated armies in the world pitted against a stateless, powerless people – be viewed and dismissed by so many in America as a dumb conflict between two ideologically-bent peoples?
Lists like the one I’ve been included on and the principles that underlie it – casting Palestinians as a brutal, murderous lot – is much to blame.
In truth, both peoples are full of those who simply want to enjoy the right to watch a proper soccer match in peace while having access to a good cell plan.
But with so many self-hating Jews abounding, it’s hard to see such a reality.
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0 thoughts on “How I Joined Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman as an Official, Self-Hating Jew

  1. Dear David Harris,
    I would like to welcome you to the List. If you don’t know what are the other traits the people of this list share, I would like to mention them just in case; humane, honor, integrity ,morales ,ethics, and decency to tell the truth as they see it. I am not a fan of organized religion, but I respect those whom find the need to be part of such thing. But when the loyalty to ones owns religion in contrast to all those human values that our civilization have fought hard to bring us together and minimize the savagery and the law of the jungle ,as in the strong eating the weak,would not give a good reputation to that religion, nor to those who blindly follow it ,on the rights or wrongs of it. I heard many Jewish, Zionist and Israel defenders claiming that any one who is criticizing the wrong deeds(crimes) of some or part of what has been done under those labels would be immediately labelled himself of those over used labels that you just got honored with one of them. Some of them consider and seem to confuse- I do not know intentionally or not- why others ,don’t want the Jewish people to save their religion and heritage ? As if that is all the Zionists, Israelis and some Jews did or do now toward that goal !!! Those kind of openings that some defenders leave open, because ,they don’t seem to be honest, are the source of some questioning and then,racism ,which some good people use, but then also let’s in some others that take advantage . Thank you for your integrity ,and for sharing it with us. The world of justice will prevail at the end, hopefully with less blood shed and prejudice.
    Note: I don’t single out one religion or one people, Muslims and Christians too. The only difference, they don’t claim to be CHOSEN ! With choosiness comes many things beside giving oneself a card blanch to do what ever and no one is allowed to speak about it.

    • Lying Monir
      ” If you don’t know what are the other traits the people of this list share, I would like to mention them just in case; humane, honor, integrity ,morales ,ethics, and decency to tell the truth as they see it. ”
      Monir, You are not party of that club.I have seen it already, You were caught in a simple lie, You claimed that Israel was supporting the rebellion in Syria. Thus far all Israel is doing is protecting its own border and treating wounded rebels.
      BTW: ZIonism is a movement of national rebirth. I know people who have died for that cause.

  2. Wear it like a badge of honor, always remembering……Many are called but few are chosen. As a mere anti-Zionist gentile, the best I am ever going to be able to earn is the moniker “anti semite”.
    Thomas Plagemann

    • Yes that term “chosen, which few Jews even think of ha gotten us Jew s places over the last 2000 years. we were certainly chosen by Nazi Germany

  3. The link to the list features nudity. I didn’t know Tikkun wasn’t spiritual. In scrolling down for Greenwald’s entry I had to see one penis and two sets of breasts. I actually found this very upsetting. I am a good Jew. I understand the dangers of the internet but I actually held this magazine with a measured about of reverence. Was that in error? I am comfortable with nudity but not pornography. Please don’t delete this comment. Thanks.

    • Hi Azriel,
      So sorry you were upset by the link. I did not see that there was some nudity on the site, and I will put in a parenthetical note to alert readers that the site has adult content.

  4. David- as an ex American living in Israel, and definitely on the leftist leaning, let’s take a chance for peace side, and quite pained by the misery of the occupation, I am nearly as frustrated with your simplistic sounding solutions as I am with often cruel, arrogant, and growing right wing extremists who continue to control the political processes here. It is really not fair to suggest that it is merely “psychological demons” which cause some Israelis to feel at least somewhat justified insularity, mistrust, even paranoia towards the outside world. Do you really wish to ignore the fact that Israel is surrounded by many Arab countries which quite hate her, whose propaganda, teaching in school, media, public pronouncements are simply wildly anti semitic and unjust. Are you truly unaware of these facts. and no sir, this type of promulgating racist propaganda is not matched equally in Israel, not even close. While the UN may justly (in my eyes) criticize Israel’s occupation, is that really the only thing they are capable of passing resolutions upon with all the mayhem, murder, ethnic cleansings going on in the rest of the world? With all the murder going in Africa, Syria, Egypt, China’s Tibet policy, etc etc etc, why is it that countries seem to be only capable of instigating boycotts against Israel. You really want to tell me that international antisemitism does not exist, it’s all just poor old Israeli’s anachronistic neurotic holocaust trauma? Please, your bias is showing big time.
    and your idea that the U.S. should use its power to push a 2 state solution, well yes, but do you really think that is just an easy thing to make happen? you figure Hamas is really ready to accept Israel. Israel pulled out of Lebanon, where Hezbollah claimed they were only protecting Lebanese soil from Israeli invaders. Gee, they haven’t seem to have disappeared now that Israel is no longer there, have they. Israel did pull out of Gaza, and was immediately attacked from there. Yes, I know, the people there are oppressed, it’s a miserable situation. But everything but everything is Israel’s fault, it’s all black and white? no, sorry, David, you’re being extremely one sided IMHO.

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