White House Petition Asking John Kerry to Pitch a Tent in Jerusalem, Forcing Netanyahu to Keep His Word

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On June 21, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu claimed that — if John Kerry were to pitch a tent between Jerusalem and Ramallah — Netanyahu would sit with Kerry as long as it took until peace was attained.
Here’s Netanyahu’s quote:

“If Secretary Kerry, whose efforts we support, were to pitch a tent halfway between here and Ramallah – that’s 15 minutes away driving time – I’m in it, I’m in the tent. And I’m committed to stay in the tent and negotiate for as long as it takes to work out a solution of peace and security between us and the Palestinians.”

Let’s hold Netanyahu to his word. Let’s get John Kerry to set up camp and demand that Netanyahu prove, before the Israeli public and the world, that he’s ready to sit down for final status negotiations with Palestinian leaders.
If we get 100,000 signatures, the White House will respond to this issue and Netanyahu’s claim. Are you with me?
If so, please sign Yes, John Kerry needs to pitch a tent in Jerusalem and force Netanyahu to meet with him until peace is attained and share it with others.
Thanks in advance.
David Harris-Gershon
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