Yesterday I reported, based on a Jerusalem Post report, that J Street supports exempting U.S. aid for Israel from sequestration.

Today I received the following response from its Vice President, Alan Elsner:

I saw the blog you posted yesterday and I wanted to formally deny that we are in any way arguing for an exception to be made for assistance to Israel in the sequester.
We oppose the sequester and we also oppose any exception being carved out for aid or military assistance to Israel. I would like this to be very clear. We will be issuing a statement this morning and posting it on our website so there can be no misunderstandings.
I also would ask you to check in future before attributing positions to us. I don’t know how you reached the conclusion which you reached but it was not on the basis of any first hand information. I hope that in the interests of accuracy, you feel free to reach out to me or one of my colleagues in future and I on my part promise to be totally open with you. We both have an interest in accuracy which enhances credibility for both of us.

My apologies to J Street. Here is the statement it published today confirming Elsner’s message to me.

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