I hadn’t realized that I still held a faint hope that Obama would “come out” as a progressive now that he has no re-election potential, but my disappointment upon hearing about Obama nominating John Brennan to be the director of the CIA made me realize I was still holding out hope.

I created this cartoon in response to hearing about the nomination of Brennan and hearing an interview with Al Jazeera journalist Sami al-Hajj, who spent six years at Guantanamo after being picked up like so much cattle in the first days of our war on Afghanistan.

To nominate someone who oversaw and took part in some of the most fundamentally depraved policies in American history to head the CIA, at a moment when the wholeWar on Terror” – its logic, its logistics, its moralshas been thoroughly debunked, overturned and rejectedjust seems like a cruel joke.

Obama apologists are in a state of denial not unlike people living with an untreated alcoholic. Denial has a certain opiate effect. Thus, my cartoon:


Credit: Deborah Kory and someecards.com (click picture for link).


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