I hope you’ll read both of my post-election reflections, though they do have slightly different foci. On the home page of Huffington Post this Monday morning you’ll find my article “In Praise of the American People“,while on the home page for Truth-Out.org you’ll find a report of what liberals and progressives have been sharing with me in regard to their concerns that Obama will only be a “lesser evil president” unless we ourselves organize to become as effective a pressure on him and Congressional Democrats as the Tea Party was on Congressional Republicans in the past four years. Please check it out here.

In fact, the media today are filled with stories revealing that ‘Grand Bargain’ Talks Will Likely Target Medicare,Social Security & Programs For The Poor. Paul Krugman’s article in the NY Times this past Friday pleaded with the President, “Don’t Make A Deal,” but Obama and Congressional Dems will make such a deal unless we can get justice- and generosity-oriented people (across traditional party lines) in every state and every congressional district to let their elected representatives know that the outcome of the election was meant to be a mandate for protecting the poor and vulnerable, not sacrificing them on the false altar of Republican ideology about the deficit!

I’d be delighted to hear your response after reading both articles! Even more so if you are someone willing to help create a local Tikkun reading group of the magazine in your area (we’ll help) or a group to educate your local elected officials to endorse the Global Marshall Plan and/or the Money OUT of Politics campaign embedded in the ESRA–Environmental and Social ResponsibilityAmerndment to the U.S. Constitution.

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