We are in an existential election. The prospects for a decent future — any future existence worth living for your generation — is now at stake.

Here’s why.

The climate change crisis is at a tipping point. If serious action by the winning candidate to prevent further accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is not taken, it will be too late.

War in a shrinking, interdependent world — in an age of weapons of mass destruction — is becoming catastrophic. If the winning candidate does not take us toward a less militarized nation and world, and will not build collective global security institutions to ensure peace, it will be too late.

Economic disinvestment in the physical and social infrastructure essential to the survival of society is endangering the survival of all of us. If the winning candidate does not save the environmental commons of clean air and water, build thousands of schools that educate all, offer health care to all who need it, ensure jobs for millions of young uneducated and educated unemployed — who are becoming surplus people — it will be too late.

I believe you know this to be true. You are the most educated of all generations. It is time for you to teach your teachers. You have the skills, the talents, the passion, the compassion and the knowledge. Your solemn responsibility now is to decide which candidate is most likely to solve these three inter-related existential crises. And then you must turn out in numbers never seen in a younger generation to vote.

If you do this with the wisdom I know you possess, you will decide the election. You are the first generation to have this opportunity to decide this kind of existential election. You must fulfill your responsibility to your parents, your society, this good earth, and yourselves. You literally have the world in your hands. Do not hesitate. Do not doubt yourself. Do not betray the people who put their trust in you and invested in you, financially and emotionally.


Get your friends to vote.

Get everyone you know to vote. And let them know that they must vote because this election is about existence and there is nothing more sacred than preserving life — and a good life — on this small and fragile planet.

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