A Time to (B)e Very Purpose(ful),
or Why I Will Actively Support President Obama’s Re-election

This has been a season
for the well-dressed to sit in plush red seats, and cheer
the deaths of the sentenced and uninsured [...]

For the rich to proclaim themselves virtuous by virtue of their riches.
For the powerful to speak the brave new truth that money is speech [...]

There was a time to be born – poor, in the 20s, in the South -
without a birth certificate. This year this may mean you may not vote [...]

There is a time for laying words out carefully like a Scrabble player
And a time for releasing one’s voice as from a shook bottle [...]

I do not think there is time to dilute our meaning with blood [...]

Freedom has still allowed a band on 7th Street
to play “the Saints Go Marching In.”
(A fellow in a fedora borrowed my umbrella to dance along.)
There’s time, it seems, to dance on the courthouse steps
in front of the keystone arch, and three stonewall cops [...]

But do you sense a Gulf spill of money erupting?
Do you not feel a shiver in your soft true belly
that a swift fleet of boats is coming to attack [..?]

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