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  1. Kath
    Aug 22 - 1:38 am

    What you suggest has already taken place in NZ. I worked for the Inter-church commission on Refugees and this included the Christian churches and the Jewish community combined.

    Despite that I am not putting down your suggestions, they are the only thing that makes sense in this sorry world at present.

    There is only one G.D and it is the same one for all the children of this earth, be they Christian, Jew, Muslim,, Buddhist, or what have you. Amen

  2. Jim Wilkinson
    Aug 23 - 8:11 am

    The Christian church began to go downhill when it became state religion, post Constantine. “Give unto Ceasar…” went out the window. If we Christians deleted ONLY son of G-d, I think that would help. I believe we are all part of the divine creation, hence “sons of G-d.”

  3. sid
    Aug 24 - 4:02 am

    I think it might be prudent to take on Muslim-Coptic Christina relations before its too late. Enough churches have been burned already.

  4. Beatrice Pogin
    Sep 01 - 3:07 am

    the problem is that Jews are leaving their own to the Christians to deal with because there’s such a need to focus on the Holocaust-give $ to Israel, climb the ladder of the corporate carousel, materialism is part of the Jewish faith, etc what we hear over and over. And the Christians essentially still spit on Jews-it’s not really a new religion-they know and are interested really in nothing about it, except the “kabbalah’. The Catholic church , with all their sins and abuse-there’s always been a part of them that have followed the example of Jesus. it might be worth, while Jews-we-try to get some theory here straightened out with the Christians, that we do more ourselves-stop rejecting our own, putting them innut wards, casting off people who don’t behave, or who aren’t as materialistic as we would like. Stop supporting the wealthy, and start supportive systems for the growing poor and underclass. L’Shanah Tovah.

  5. Beatrice Pogin
    Sep 01 - 3:16 am

    the problem also is that Jesus is Jewish, not Catholic or Christian, and lived a Jewish life, and acted as a Jew. that might be pointed out also, and there’s more and more evidence that’s coming out to that effect.

    i like Jesus a whole lot. and also was rejected,both my mothers were rejected also by organized Judaism-the first mother was from an Orthodox background, the second, not so-. and i’ve been continuously rejected. the Catholics were much more accepting and helpful to me-but i did not need their indoctrination of Jew-hate. my mothers suffered all their lives from Jewish rejection, neither abandoned their Jewishness. i’m not going to services-i’m still conflicted-perhaps it will make me strong in the end-squabbling about words doesn’t take the place of action on the street. the world is critical of today’s Judaism, because as a group, we’re not acting as Jews, we’re too fixed on the criminal state of Israel and blowing the shofar for the Holocaust that the goyim are less than zero interested in.

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