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  1. Christy
    Jan 28 - 1:20 pm

    I did not realize that there is state funding of religion in Germany. I’m glad it makes it possible for Judaism to flourish by providing some funding. As for diversity, the congregation sounds much like my Unitarian Universalist congregation in Portland, OR in its focus on inclusivity, diversity, social justice and sustainability. Bravo! I hope Ohel Hachidusch will soon be included in the Berlin Jewish Community’s website. It is quite interesting — and notable — that they are not and there is no explanation for it.

  2. Larry Kaufman
    Jan 28 - 2:40 pm

    How nice that you found a comfortable Jewish home in Berlin. Germany has done a fairly good job of making t’shuvah for the Shoah, but its present system of support for congregations does not accept the diversity of Jewish approaches to religion, and along with ignoring Renewal, it discriminates strongly against the Progressive (Reform) movement. Ohel Hachidusch, while maintaining its Renewal identity, might do well to try to find common cause the Progressive community in Berlin, and throughout Germany, which unites through the World Union for Progressive Judaism. The broader sense of community the author asks for is dependent on the concept that kol Yisraek arevim zeh lazeh, , all Israel is responsible one for the other — and while our Orthodox cousins don’t want to concede that, the rest of us have to work together to communicate that we are real, and the future, to the secular authorities.

  3. Charlie Frere
    Feb 14 - 5:42 am

    like reading the journal and think that the trip you are along will make a really significant journey toward the well-being of others. Thank!

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