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  1. Don H
    Dec 01 - 11:31 am

    Thanks, Edith, for a lovely article. It is indeed for all countries, especially including Israel and the US, to stop the pretenses and the ever-heightening madness. Imagine what good we could do with all the money spent on weapons and wars, if we spent this to help our neighbors rather than to fight them. Thank you for this.

  2. Monir
    Dec 09 - 2:04 pm

    Dear Edith,
    Nicely and gently said. I do admire the fact that certain people( like yourself ) find themselves motivated to speak out from within. As we know, how most of the critics of Israel were always labeled and tagged with negative names, as Israel first line of defense. I personally find it appalling that they would take that path,instead of looking in the mirror for self reflection.
    Please correct me if I did not understand you correctly; Are you holding the critics of Israel responsible for what Israel has done, and continue to do in this path of self/and palestinian destruction?! I believe, all people should be able to face the difficult task of being honest enough to criticize what they belong to, or believe in, in a realistic and honest manner. Reading farther in your article, I found contradictions, In about the fifth paragraph; Israel is no Macbeth. are you then writing in response to something else, or it’s your own contradiction?
    In any case, Israel/Zionism, and Jews who care, should take responsibility for their action, or blind support of a rogue state and behavior like Israel s’. Critics or messengers are not to blame for the action committed

    • Edith
      Dec 12 - 9:49 am

      Dear Monir,
      Am I holding the critics of Israel responsible for what Israel has done? No, I’m not. I just want to refer to the fact that whatever we’re doing or omit doing (whether we’re critics or supporters) causes effects and side effects; the latter without being recognized can be dangerous (a stalemate for instance). In Judaism we have a saying, “everybody in Israel is responsible for the deeds of somebody else”. I modern times of structural-functional systems theory such a saying has become universal.
      As to “Israel a Macbeth, not Macbeth”: The answer is to indicate that it is the (psychic) phenomenon, the symbol “Macbeth” I want to refer to, and not a personification. Macbeth as a symbol can be in everybody; a personification would bestow something irrevocable to Israel, whereas I use the symbol “Macbeth” to demonstrate a psychic dimension of Israel’s politics.

  3. Paul Larudee
    Jan 25 - 5:57 pm

    Thank you, Edith. I think it is a useful and valid comparison. The crimes must be exposed and the victims’ rights must be restored. Palestinians must be invited to return to their homes, and compensation must be paid for damages and lost revenue. There must be no preferential treatment of Jews because they are Jews and no segregation based on ethnicity. It was the answer in the southern U.S. and in South Africa, and it can work in the region known as Palestine, of which Israel is currently a part.

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