Because our intention is for it to be:

Intellectually deep

All that!!

No wonder I’m feeling simultaneously jazzed and exhausted. In need of spiritual practice… I’m off for an evening hike in the hills.

These words are open to multiple meanings, of course. The only real way to find out what we mean by them is to read the blog. But, nothing in them is intended to exclude atheists or agnostics or believers.

We think this makes us different from all other blogs, but we would love to be proved wrong about that.

At the same time, this blog is unique in the way it draws on the wisdom of twenty-four years of Tikkun magazine and its founder and editor, Rabbi Michael Lerner. For info about Rabbi Lerner’s thinking, explore the Tikkun and NSP websites, especially the Core Vision, Spiritual Covenant with America and Global Marshall Plan, and for the magazine’s archives, which some heroic interns are currently rebuilding after a disastrous website meltdown, go here. Oh, and don’t miss Michael Lerner’s take on God.