Everyone knows there is a Religious Right, and its concerns are well known. But how many know there is a religious and spiritual Left? How many realize that it embodies an intellectually deep, challenging, and widely shared response to the world? The spiritual Left is not the secular Left in religious garb; rather, it poses a major challenge to traditional left-wing practice and priorities.

Tikkun Daily aims to serve as a central hub on the Web where people interested in a spiritual progressive perspective on politics, art, religion, and activism can go to put their finger on the pulse of an interfaith spiritual progressive response to the world.

As the multimedia blog site of Tikkun — a quarterly interfaith magazine, founded and edited by Rabbi Michael Lerner, that has published cutting-edge critiques of politics, culture, and society since 1986 — Tikkun Daily embraces an interfaith worldview that is based on the knowledge that most of us share but rarely have the gall to express overtly: that in this appalling and beautiful world, love can be embodied and become the basis for social relations.

Why is this blog different from all other blogs? Read this post to find out. Also check out the Network of Spiritual Progressives’ Core Vision and Spiritual Covenant with America for the inspiration behind this project.

Our goal is to spark conversations within a dynamic, interfaith community of religious studies scholars, activists, seminary students, theologians, and progressive and spiritual people from all backgrounds, building a bustling community of knowledge that welcomes and includes everyone, be they spiritual or nonspiritual, religious or not.

We don’t want to just talk among ourselves: our goal is to engage with the dominant culture. We’ll know we’re doing well when we hear that we have inspired politicians and activists, as well as influenced their decisions by exposing them to new perspectives and drawing their attention to movements they didn’t realize existed.

What’s the Difference Between Tikkun and Tikkun Daily?

Tikkun — whether in print or online from the debut of our new web magazine in March 2011 – is a carefully edited magazine of intellectual rigor and high production values. Tikkun Daily is conversational, and barely edited. We invite people to blog with us and then give them a pretty free hand to say what they want, just asking them to flag anything they write that contradicts a core Tikkun editorial position. It can be like the difference between hearing speeches and having dinner with the speakers afterward, when they may speak more freely. In so doing they may find they have said something unclear, insensitive or factually incorrect. In a blog those bloopers will likely be caught by commenters, in public, not by editors, in private. So writers’ apologies or clarifications are more common on blogs than in magazines.

Please Enable Us To Continue!

If you like what you are seeing here please know that we depend utterly on three sources: donations, subscriptions to our print magazine (4 issues a year for $29), and memberships of the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) which include an automatic subscription to the magazine. We run the magazine and Tikkun Daily with an amazingly small staff (we gape at the mastheads of comparable magazines and wish we had a third as many staff!). So please subscribe, join or donate!

Comments Policy

Tikkun Daily invites you to comment. Hoping for lively dialogue and opposed to censorship of differing political or ideological points of view, we allow visitors to directly post their comments. Wishing for respectful dialogue that invites participation in a collaborative, empathic community, we will delete any comments that are abusive, off-topic, or include personal attacks. Our commenting system includes both automated spam filtering as well as reviews by our editorial staff and web team. If you feel your comment has been unfairly blocked, or if you feel a comment is inappropriate and ought to be removed, please contact us.

Bloggers Wanted

We are still seeking volunteer bloggers of all faiths and none to join our team. Read our Core Vision and Spiritual Covenant with America – and if you want in, and have a sharp mind and engaging writing style, we’d welcome your application!

Please read our detailed application instructions before sending your cover letter, resume, and two sample Tikkun Daily blog posts to tikkun.daily@gmail.com.

Art and Photography

We are always looking for artists and photographers who feel their work helps to heal and repair this suffering world. Please read our art guidelines.

To submit artwork to Tikkun Daily, email high-quality, 4″ x 6″ JPEG files, at 72ppi or a link to your website to art.tikkun@gmail.com, with “Tikkun Daily art submission from (your name)” as the subject line.


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