Check out Peter Beinart’s latest piece on the American Jewish community. It is brilliant.

It is about the cocoon American Jews live in when it comes to the reality of Israel and Palestine.  They know nothing and care less. And their leaders who do know intentionally work to keep them ignorant.

Add to that a lot of bigotry and you have the self-described “pro-Israel” community today. No, not the Jewish community — the Israel-centered minority of the Jewish community (of which I am one).

There is no need for me to say anymore.  Beinart says it better.

Yes, I am way to his left but, nonetheless, I think he is the most important figure in American Jewish life today. If the Jewish community here has a future, it will be Beinart and others like him who will exemplify it.

One more thing: this article will drive the AIPAC and other organizational hacks nuts. They can ignore people like me but Beinart, he’s supposed to be one of them. God, they hate him. And they should. He is going to bring them down (God willing, Ins’hallah, please Jesus).

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