Rabbi Lerner and other members of the Network of Spiritual Progressives attended services at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California on Sunday, July 21, a week after the Trayvon Martin verdict. Their intent was to show solidarity with the African American community and share in the deep grief over the unjust verdict.

In this three-part video, Rabbi Lerner decries the verdict as part of a blessing he gives to the church’s youth, while Senior Pastor J. Alfred Smith, Jr. speaks out about up-and-coming filmmaker Ryan Coogler (of Fruitvale Station fame). Pastor Emeritus J. Alfred Smith Sr., his father, outlines a seven-step program to combat racism, and the choir performs a beautiful, gut-wrenching rendition of “We Shall Overcome.”

This footage is courtesy of Allen Temple Baptist Church. It is edited by Ian Hoffman.

PART 1 of 3:

PART 2 of 3:

PART 3 of 3:

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