"Progressive" Congressman Jerry Nadler Tries To Shut Down Free Speech at Brooklyn College

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I have long maintained that when it comes to Israel, the distinction between right and left disappears in this country.
Check out this letter from Congressman Jerry Nadler, a West Side Manhattan Democrat, demanding that Brooklyn College not permit a campus group to discuss strategies for boycotting Israel to meet on campus. Nadler is joined by virtually every major “progressive” New York politician. Nadler and his cohorts make the case that they don’t mind the boycott group meeting but object to the political science department sponsoring an event that presents “only one side.” Of course, anyone who attended college knows that academic departments do that all the time because sponsoring a discussion does not mean the department is endorsing it, only that it favors airing of all sides.
Nadler himself was a major anti-Vietnam war activist during his years at Columbia, rightly opposing U.S. policy and participating in campus “teach-ins,” no different than the boycott session at Brooklyn. But Nadler was young then and, besides, he is a strong advocate of dissent against U.S. policies. He draws the line however when it comes to Israel. The same can be said of all the other “progressives” who signed his letter. Nadler, however, is a true believer; he is utterly devoted to supporting the Israeli government in all situations. The others are just courting support from donors or potential donors.
On other fronts. Alan Dershowitz is offering to lead the battle to subdue free speech at Brooklyn College and a City Councilman is now going after funding for the university.
You can read about it here, where Alex Kane is covering the story in all its ugliness for Mondoweiss.
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Also here: Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian.
Rightwing politicians are bad on this issue but they don’t care about it much so they do not do much damage. Israel First “progressives” like Jerry Nadler are the real problem.