We live in a time of great ingenuity, incredible scientific advances that extend life, repair damaged cells, modify food supplies, expand the limits of our universe and yet we’ve lost touch with the most important thing in life – the thing that keeps us all alive – our humanity. Consider the reality of our world today:

  • The United States has the second highest child poverty rate worldwide
  • The prison-industrial complex warehouses human beings like animals only to have them either released into society without any greater skills than which they arrived, or left to languish until their final breath
  • We are warehousing and torturing animals in the name of increasing food supplies without a care for how that impacts the animals, the planet or our own health.
  • We are destroying our planet, food and water supply
  • Our corporations’ profits exceed reasonable needs while their employees cannot afford to put food on their tables
  • 1% of the population owns 99% of the wealth
  • We are buying and building bombs instead of supplying food, shelter, education, and health care

The list goes on and on but need I really say more. We seem to have arrived at a place where getting, achieving, taking and winning are more important than caring, concern, generosity and love. And I am left wondering, “when did this happen?”

We have forgotten that what each and every one of us craves more than the latest generation iPhone, car, tv, stereo, etc. is a life filled with meaning, a life of contribution, a life of connection and love — a life that matters.

We seem to have lost connection with our own hearts. Our hearts that beat and pulse the blood that moves through our body reminding us that we are alive. Our hearts that allow us to feel our vulnerability and rather than run in fear from it, embrace it because vulnerability is what gives our lives joy, meaning, and aliveness. Our hearts that allow us to tap into the depths of our grief and mourning because that is the birthplace of our healing, our ability to repair, and our capacity for transformation. Our hearts that allow us to reach across the divide to our fellow travelers on this planet with openness, compassion, curiosity and love.

Somehow, somewhere along the way on our journey of human evolution, we seem to have lost ourselves. We seem to have forgotten that rather than being corporations, rather than being robots, rather than caring solely about how much stuff we have or money we make, what we really care about is each other.

As I look around the world at the depth of human struggle and suffering, starvation, violence, homelessness, ecological destruction, poverty, and the like, what I know is that we are better than this. With all of our ingenuity, creativity, resources, and intelligence, if we remembered that what we humans want more than anything is to feel communion with others, we’d use our collective intelligence to solve the problems that really matter – homelessness, poverty, starvation, war, violence, ecological destruction and the like.

I yearn for the day when we choose to redirect our vast and innovative creative juices and open the floodgates to heaven. A heaven here on earth where everyone’s basic needs are met, the planet is once again thriving, and all of us experience the depth of human communion and meaning for which we deeply strive.

Will you join me in helping to build this heaven here on earth? There are many ways to do this and one is to join the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP). The NSP strives to embrace these principles and bring them to life with policies and practices you can implement individually, locally, nationally and globally. To learn more, go to: www.spiritualprogressives.org.

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