Dear President Obama and Democratic Members of Congress,

I invite you to embrace the radical notion that there are fundamental truths and values that the vast majority of US citizens believe in and support. They have chosen you to be the messenger and implementer of those ideas in the form of legislation and actions on a federal level. Now is the time for you to step out of a politics based on fear and limiting beliefs and into the very real possibility and actuality that when you choose to stand in a politics of love, your actions will be celebrated.

This is what a politics of love looks like:

1. Genuine care for the well-being of all, both in the US and abroad.

2. A commitment to the repair of our planet, food and water resources.

3. A belief in the sacred nature of every being.

The vast majority of citizens as evidenced by the occupy movement, votes at the polls, and public discourse, are tired by the politics of hate, fear and money that dominated the 2012 election and our public discourse for years. Instead of a politics of fear, hatred and money, they are yearning for a politics based on love – where the well-being of all overrides the desire of a few.

They are looking to you to make the decisions, that may seem difficult but in fact are necessary, to give life to these values.

These include specifically, although not exclusively,

Tax reform so that the responsibility for the well-being of all citizens is shared by all; policies that protect the environment by placing strict restrictions on the use and extraction of resources that cause harm to the planet and its inhabitants;

Regulating the food supply such that the food we eat and water we drink nourishes our beings and the planet; legislation that places the needs and well-being of all citizens above the desires and wants of corporations and the 1%;

Policies and legislation that recognize, buttress and promote loving communities that are rooted in an awareness of the sacred nature of each of us as reflections of the Spirit of the universe that pervades every being on this planet, and calls us to love each other in every particular action and social/economic/political arrangement or social practice we choose.

When people are surrounded by love, that expression of love spreads and contributes to greater love on our planet. A love that supports a politics based on love; a love that we desperately need to heal, repair and transform our world.

In the end, we will live or die together. It is time for a new ethos (think of team sports here – the team cannot succeed without all the players being the best they can and the members support and help each other be the best they can because that is best for the team), one where the care for the well-being of all overrides the desires and wishes of the few at the expense of all.

When we choose to embrace this ethos, we will be free of suffering – everyone’s basic needs will be met and we will all thrive and flourish.

This reality can be ours now if we choose to believe in and embrace this way of life.

I know that we, as a citizenry, and you as our elected officials are better than the deprivation, starvation, violence, hatred, poverty and suffering that currently exists.

We are magnificent beings with the power and wisdom to heal, repair and transform our world for the betterment of all beings and the planet. Let’s make it so!


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