As Pesach starts this Friday night, many of us will be asking four questions, but I actually have ten questions about contemporary politics.

  1. Why isn’t the Religious Left as powerful as the Religious Right, given that 92% of Americans believe in G-d? We know they are not all Republicans.
  2. Why are there so many candidates on the far Right, but only a handful on the far Left? This is especially puzzling given how much support we know there is for the issues raised by the Occupy movement.
  3. Why do people who are not part of the 1% continue to vote Republican against their own economic interests?
  4. Why does anyone still believe that Obama was not born in the U.S., that he is hostile to Christianity, or that he is secretly Muslim (not that the latter should matter)?
  5. Why do a growing number of people think that all the pollution human beings are spewing into the atmosphere is not contributing to climate change, even though 99% of all scientists say it is? That just defies reason.
  6. Why do people think that it is OK to put our water supply at risk to create a few jobs? It is crazy to support the XL Pipeline after the BP Gulf spill.
  7. Why are Republican governors defending “pink slime”? Ammonia in our hamburger cannot be a positive thing.
  8. Why are people who oppose abortion, coming out against contraception?
  9. Why are some conservatives siding with George Zimmerman against Trayvon Martin?
  10. Why are Christian Right groups totally opposed to the Affordable Care Act, especially when the individual mandate was a Heritage Foundation policy originally? This is especially puzzling since Christianity requires people to care for the downtrodden.

What has happened to commonsense?

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