Yitzhak Frankenthal–an evening with the courageous creator of the Bereaved Parents in Jerusalem

My name is Yitzhak Frankenthal, and I’m a religious, Israeli Zionist. On July 1994 my eldest son Arik died in combat with Hamas. Since then I have worked to promote peace and reconciliation. In early 1995 I was chosen as the secretary-general of the religious, Zionist movement “Oz VeShalom – Netivot Shalom,” which I managed for 3 years. That same year I established the “Parents Circle – Families Forum” for bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families that support peace and reconciliation, which I managed for 10 years.

In 2005 I established the Arik Institute for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace in memory of my son, and I’ve been managing it ever since.

In 2009 I was chosen to operate the American “Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace,” which was established thanks to a generous donation from Leonard Cohen, and I’ve been managing it ever since.

Over the years I have met dozens of leaders from all over the world, had hundreds of meetings with Palestinians and initiated a project that deals with the main problem that prevents peace in our region.

Attached is a link to a short video that explains the project: http://youtu.be/djSw6Z8yoJQ  (Please watch it).

At the moment I’m doing a lecturetour to raise funds for the project.

I would be grateful if you might come to hear me at a gathering at the home of Rabbi Michael Lerner and Cat Zavis, 951 Cragmont Ave, Berkeley on Monday night, February 2nd, at 7 p.m. (a few doors south of where Cragmont Ave intersects with Marin Ave).  There is no charge to come, but since it is in their living room, and Rabbi Lerner and Cat Zavis have generously opened their home to give me this opportunity, please rsvp if you plan to come so that they can reserve a place for you (send RSVP to shul@tikkun.org) and let you know if there is space available.  As you may know, Rabbi Lerner is editor of Tikkun Magazine, the most consisten Jewish magazine in support of peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestine and consistent also in refusing to demean either side of this conflict, recognizing the humanity of both Israelis and Palestinians. And bring your checkbook–this is a fundraising event for this project.

I’ll give a talk of about 30-45 minutes, followed by 60 (or more) minutes of discussion and Q&A.

Among the issues I’ll discuss:

  • Hamas murdered my son – can we achieve peace with Hamas?
  • Preparing for the elections
  • Changing voting patterns
  • A bi-national state?
  • Two countries for two peoples
  • The Jewish country
  • The political parties in Israel
  • Judaism and peace
  • Using Judaism against peace

Please bring an open heart and a checkbook in case you decide you’d like to help out this project.

Kol tuv–all good things to you.

-Yitzhak Frankenthal

P.s. If you can’t come, but want to donate ot help in this effort, send a check to 

The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace (mailing address below)

The Arik Institute for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace,In Memory of Arieh Zvi Frankenthal(הי”ד)

Yitzhak Frankenthal

Executive Director

Mailing Address:

8/6  Kobovy St.

Jerusalem, 96757


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