Yes, I want to help Tikkun

I will donate.

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I will volunteer or create a group.

Please click here to tell us about ways you would like to volunteer or create a group (you will be taken to a questionnaire page to fill out).

If you prefer not to use our questionnaire page by clicking above, you can instead copy and paste the contents of this page into an email, fill in your name, address, email, phone and then fill in the choices of which of the various helping activities you’d like to be part of, answer the questions we ask at the bottom, and then email it to (an address only for this purpose. For other purposes please use Thanks so much!!

Cell phone or home phone:

Internships and volunteers at Tikkun Magazine & The NSP

Students, retirees, mid-career people, or those just starting out—all welcome.

I can do it: [  ]  Summer  2011   [   ] Sept 2011-June 2012   [  ] Other time period:

Tikkun intern Mia Sullivan at the 25th Anniversary celebration, caught in a rare moment of inactivity. Credit: Lea Delson

I would like to do: [   ] Editorial work   [   ] layout and production work  [   ] selection of art  or doing art for Tikkun   [   ]website work  [  ]  Outreach to promote Tikkun/NSP ideas  [  ] Translators of Tikkun to other languages [  ]Finding and recruiting great new thinkers, writers and poets whom I will convince to write for Tikkun   [  ]  Research related to the ESRA and/or GMP  [  ] Doing photograph for Tikkun  [  ] Creating a fund-raiser for Tikkun  [   ] Building support for the Global Marshall Plan  [   ] Building Support for the Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution   [  ] Working with Rabbi Lerner on his Spiritual Commentary on Torah  [  ] Working with Rabbi Lerner on his book on Embracing Israel/Palestine (immediate researchers and editorial help needed]    [  ] Working with Rabbi Lerner on his book on God  [  ]Working with Rabbi Lerner on implementing his strategy for progressives in 2012 (see editorial in Tikkun’s Spring 2011 issue [  ] Provide musical accompaniment for Rabbi Lerner’s Berkeley-based Beyt Tikkun Synagogue-Without-Walls  [  ] Help create a week-long summer camp Tikkun/NSP experience for kids and for adults

For more information on all of this and to apply, go to our Jobs & Internships page. For some of these there is no information—because we are just beginning to think out how to do them.

I will create a local Tikkun/NSP group to:

[  ] Build support for the ESRA  [  ] Build support for the Global Marshall Plan  [  ] Work on Embracing Israel/Palestine   [  ] Create a local monthly reading group to read and discuss Tikkun articles  )  [  ] Creating a Tikkun/NSP student group at my local college or university  [  ] Help create an NSP presence in my religious or political community

Now, write below something about you, your particular skills, strengths, background, and why you want to work with Tikkun/NSP, whether you would be available to work from our office in Berkeley or only from home, and when you’d be available and why we’d be making a mistake to not use your talents.

Please copy all the info above into an email, add your responses, and send it to

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One Response to Yes, I want to help Tikkun

  1. Rev. William B Foley, SJ, MD March 20, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    RABBI YES I want to donate, but I have no money; I have a vow. So, I pray hard! for your health and your safety and TIKKUN 25 years! THANK YOU for what you do for our world.

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