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screenshotAfter twenty-five years as a print magazine, we are now shifting our primary focus to becoming a strong online magazine, and this website is it!

Tikkun magazine is a voice for all who seek to build what we call the “Caring Society — caring for each other, caring for the earth.” We are a voice for all who refuse to accept that environmental destruction, wars, poverty, oppression, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, hatred or fear of Jews, or despair are inevitable. We are the voice of those who refuse to be “realistic” and who instead are engaged in the struggle (a long-term struggle to be sure) to build a world of love and kindness; generosity; compassion; repentance and forgiveness; ethical and ecological sensitivity and responsibility; and awe, wonder, and radical amazement at the grandeur and mystery of the universe.

The print magazine is continuing to exist as a shorter quarterly publication, but the web is where we will now be publishing the majority of our content. All print articles will be available online here also (though only accessible to those who pay our minimal $29/year subscription cost). Come to this site to read our most exciting and cutting-edge thinking, along with outstanding poetry, fiction, and reviews of books and film — whatever contributes to the “tikkun-ing” (that is, the healing, repair, and transformation) of the world. For a quick guide to the content on this new website and information about how to navigate around it, click here.

We’ve shifted our focus to the web for generational, ecological, and financial reasons. But we can only keep going on the web if you, our readers, realize that a high-quality web magazine requires editorial staff to solicit, edit, format, illustrate, and proof all the articles, and that these people need to be paid so that they pay the rent. There’s no way to keep the magazine online unless you, the readers, pay for it. So we implore you to subscribe to the magazine and make yearly tax-deductible donations when we contact you with pleas for your financial assistance. You can donate online.

If you want to get involved with any of our activist campaigns, please check out the Network of Spiritual Progressives site, where you can read about our campaigns for a Global Marshall Plan and for an Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The great thing about a web magazine is that it’s interactive. We get to hear from you directly with your comments on our articles! For those used to a print magazine, please be aware that the online world enables people who disagree with us to shout loudly in the comments if they wish to do so. Some disturbed people may also comment. Please have compassion for them and don’t feel you have to get into a shouting match. As quickly as we can, we will remove comments that contravene our comments policy, but otherwise we will let discussion reign.

We are hoping to create a discussion culture that is deep and humane — one that takes as its foundation an understanding of the core human needs we share and builds from there into an engaged and challenging discussion of how to transform our society in alignment with them.

My thanks for the creation of this beautiful website go to Tikkun editors David Belden and Alana Yu-lan Price; lead web designers Sabiha Basrai and Daniel Owens and others from Design Action; programmers Craig Wiesner and Derrick Kikuchi of Reach and Teach with their implementational savvy; devoted Tikkun interns Mia Sullivan, Lorenzo Estébanez, Melissa Lobato, and Denise Lipiansky; and information architecture consultant Colin Sagan from Quilted.

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