Vultures’ Picnic

Vultures' PicnicVULTURES’ PICNIC
by Greg Palast
Dutton, 2011

The one part of government largesse that doesn’t get much negative flack from Tea Partiers is the military/industrial/petroleum/security apparatus. Yet reading Greg Palast’s powerful exposé on how these elites operate would give Tea Partiers much evidence that the government is in cahoots with the most irresponsible elements in the private sector. The government protects corporations from regulation and exposure for crimes committed against powerless people and the environment. Vultures’ Picnic brings the reader into the thick of one muckraking journalist’s attempt to uncover the criminal practices of corporate giants. Their “mistakes,” including the Gulf Coast disaster, often lead to huge environmental devastation. Palast unveils the pattern of BP-covered-up and media-downplayed disasters that have become the norm in our materialistic and environmentally insensitive world, where profit is so often valued above human life. Palast tells this urgent story in an accessible and engaging manner.

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