Tikkun Magazine

The Earthist Creed

The Earth is precious, we have no other home.
The people of the Earth are one people.
The differences between us are small
Compared to our common nature
And our common future, as humanity.

Every person deserves
To share in the Earth’s bounty:
Enough to eat,
Clean air to breathe,
Clean water,
And a chance to contribute
To the well-being of the Earth
And all its creatures.

We cannot ensure a healthy future
For our planet
Without protecting and caring
For all of its people.
We cannot ensure a healthy future
For humanity
Without protecting and caring for the Earth,
And all its animals, plants, and ecosystems.

No national, regional, religious, or other loyalty
Is more important
To us, our children, their children, and all future generations
Than our loyalty to the Earth,
To all of the Earth’s creatures,
And especially to all of the Earth’s people.

Barry Saiff is a software technical writer and editor, President of Saiff Solutions Inc., a technical writing outsourcing company in the Philippines, and a passionate volunteer for The Hunger Project, http://www.thp.org. A long-term resident of San Francisco, he moved to the Philippines to live with his Filipino boyfriend in 2010. He blogs at http://movingtothephilippines.net.
tags: Environment