The Dream of the Soul: Speak It. Keep It Safe.

I WAKE WITH FRAGMENTS of a dream. I am in a crowd, fearful. Yet a stronger need pushes me toward a platform. I have something to say but the words dissolve before reaching my tongue. I stand before the Senate, before power players. I look out to a grey fog rolling in. The dream breaks with my pleading words, “I ask you to reconsider.” As daytime awareness arrives, that terrible body blow of dread, disbelief, then anger.

Sit up. Bring feet to the floor. Make tea, move to the meditation mat, light a candle, breathe—feel—breathe. Mindfulness of breath within embodied experience. Hold soft awareness to what is felt beneath thoughts that ricochet around the halls of our descent. Mix breath-infused awareness into feeling tones. Keep going, patiently, until pain dissolves into light. Envelop everyone in prayerful light waves. Meet them with your diamond conscious knowing. The putrid patriarchs who grab and crush, who push us back into dungeons of white fear cages. Know them; shadow kings who plunder through sadistic prostitution, who sell nature’s Eros in fetid marketplaces.

The abusive tweet storm, rants of idiocy, and the hateful ripping apart of community that is projected daily onto our collective body, services only this. The displacement of inordinate pain held within a shattered soul. No amount of destruction will ever soothe such a rabid appetite for revenge. Instead, we are pulled into a vortex of trans-marginal stress as psychological safety nets are continually breached.


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Tikkun 2017 Volume 32, Number 3:15

THANISSARA, originally from London, is a meditation teacher. She cofounded Dharmagiri Meditation Center in South Africa and teaches in the EU, the United States, and Israel. Her new book is Time to Stand Up: An Engaged Buddhist Manifesto for Our Earth.
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