How A Post Will Work with Subscription Genius

When Tikkun Magazine starts using Subscription Genius instead of MemberWing-X to manage who can read articles, things will work like this.

Rather than allowing someone to read a few paragraphs and then cut them off, Subscription Genius does an overlay.

We can design the overlay however we want and use whatever text we want. I’m just using the default simple templates right now.

I’ve created this post just so that you can see what it would look like.

Once someone has logged in once, they can read all the other articles on the web site that are protected. Their login could stay good for as long as they don’t clear their cache (erase their browsing history).

If we are OK with how this works, the next question is what kinds of online subscriptions do we want to offer. I suggest a one week ($5), one month ($10), and one year ($25) option. With Subscription Genius, anyone who already has a print subscription that is managed through Subscription Genius (that should be EVERYONE) will automatically also have an online account. It will be matched to their print subscription. If that’s renewed, their online access will be also. Other online-only subscribers will have as much time as they’ve paid for. If their online subscription expires, when they try to log in again, they’ll be told they have to renew. We can also email people ahead of time to get them to renew early.

We’ll be able to export the current online subscribers and import them into SubscriptionGenius. Once all print and online subscribers are set up, we should plan to send an email blast to everyone telling them about the new system and how to log in. The system has a good password recovery system which will email someone their password. Their login will be their email address (no more creation of user IDs).

Anyway – there’s the scoop. What do you think? Write me!

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