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Table of Contents


The Challenge: The Historical Roots of Trauma
The First Step: Listening to and Embracing the Other
The Next Step: A Peace Based on Compassion and Healing
The Spiritual Path to Healing
My Personal Journey
A Framework to Understand, Not a History

Chapter One

Peoples of the Land
The Ancient World: Liberation from Slavery
Jewish Reality: The Christian Role in Generating Hatred of Jews
Killing of Jews by Christians
Jews Take the Rap for Capitalism
Jewish Responses to Modern European Anti-Semitism
Failure of Internationalism and Anti-Semitism in the Left Palestinian Reality: A Land With a People

Chapter Two

Zionism Comes to the Land
Were the Zionists an Extension of Western Colonialism? Dealing with the Colonial Powers
Clash Over the Land
Who Has a Right to the Land?
The Economic Clash
Did Palestinians Have a Right to Keep Jews Out of Their Country?

Chapter Three

The Emergence of a Jewish State
The Holocaust

Chapter Four

Palestinian Refugees. . . And the Conflict Continues
Struggle with the Arab States, 1949–2011
Palestinians Who Remained in Israel
Arab States and the 1967 War
Emergence of Nationalist Fundamentalists in Israel After 1967
The 1973 War and Its Aftermath
1977 and Beyond: The Triumph of the Israeli Right

Chapter Five

The Oslo Accords And Beyond
The Settler Right Wins The Hidden Civil War in Israel
After Rabin

Chapter Six

Camp David, the Second Intifada, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority
The Illusion of Barak’s “Generous Offer”
Ariel Sharon at the Temple Mount
The Rise of the Militarist Right: Ariel Sharon and “Bibi” Netanyahu
The Failed Road Map and the Second Iraq War
Two Flaws in the Road Map
Withdrawal from Gaza
The Settlements: Driving a Policy of Conquest
Occupation, Blockade, and Assassinations
Criticism of Israel Is Not Anti-Semitism
Reflecting on the History: From Then Until Now

Chapter Seven

Healing the Traumas of Both Peoples
Psychotherapy for Societal Pathology
The Israeli Fear of Being a Freier
Socio-Cultural PTSD Explains Why Imposed Solutions Will Backfire
So How Can We Work With Societies Suffering From PTSD?

Chapter Eight

Terms of a Sustainable and Just Peace Agreement
Tikkun’s Proposal for Two States at Peace
Two States with Overlapping Electorates: An Alternative Solution
The One-State Solution
The No-State Solution
This Peace Depends on Transformed Consciousness

Chapter Nine

Strategies for Achieving Peace
Strategy One: Nonviolence and the Palestinian Peace Movement
Strategy Two: Creating a Spiritually Oriented Peace and Justice Movement in Israel
Strategy Three: Weakening AIPAC and the “Israel Lobby” in the United States
Strategy Four: UN Recognition of Palestine
Strategy Five: Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions Against Settlements—Not Against Israel
Strategy Six: A Global Marshall Plan for Israel/Palestine
How the GMP Campaign Supports Middle East Peace

Chapter Ten

Embracing the Left Hand of God
Settler Judaism and Power Worship after God’s “Failure”
Settler Judaism Grew to Dominate Zionism
The Spiritual Crisis within Judaism
Torah Values and the Left Hand of God
What is Meant by “Jewish State”
A New Vision of Judaism: Love-Oriented and Emancipatory
World Transformation Needs Emancipatory Islam and Christianity Too

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Resources for Peace