Songs of the Occupy Movement for the 99%

Here are some fun songs you can use to convey a part of the spirit of the Occupy movement!


Fight the Status Quo

(Tune: Let My People Go, new words by Hali Hammer)


When Egypt was Mubarek’s land (fight the status quo)

Oppressed ones took the upper hand (fight the status quo)


Step up, fight back, stay strong and make a stand

Time to ta-ake command – Fight the status quo!


The Arab Spring spread far and wide (fight the status quo)

As demonstrations swelled in size (fight the status quo) Chorus


News spread by e-mail, facebook, tweet (fight the status quo)

As people gathered in the street (fight the status quo) Chorus


We work for rights, for what is fair (fight the status quo)

At Occupations everywhere (fight the status quo) Chorus


So now change comes before our eyes (fight the status quo)

This happens when we organize! (fight the status quo) (then chorus)


(Take Me Out to the Ball Game)
Betsy Rose 2011
   Download printable version (revised 5/17/12) • see video

Take me out of the big banks
Take me out of their game
The credit union can have my dough
I’ll cut up my credit cards, pay as I go
And it’s root root root for the small banks
Give them our business and thanks
And it’s 1, 2, 3 million more and we’ll close big banks

Let’s go occupy Wall Street
In every city and town
We’ll occupy houses the banks foreclosed
Make sure that no one’s left out in the cold
And it’s root root root for the new world
We’re building right here today
And its 1, 2, 3 billion more! It’s a new ball game.

(Sing twice)

(Les Rice 1950, new lyrics by Mary Nash)   
Download printable version (revised 3/26/12)

I’ve traveled round this country from shore to shining shore
It really makes me wonder the things I heard and saw
I saw a weary worker face each day in fear and pain
Her employer cut her hours, job and pension down the drain

But the banks are made of marble
With a guard at every door
And the vaults are stuffed with silver
That the workers sweated for.

I saw a man who signed a contract so he could modify his loan
Then I heard the banker saying,”We have repossessed your home” (CHORUS)

I saw a weary soldier coming back from the war
I heard the bosses saying, “Got no work for you no more” (CHORUS…soldier)

I saw migrant workers fleeing, the law told them, “You can’t stay”
Small farmers lost their harvest – Agribusiness got its way !(CHORUS…migrant)

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