September/October 1989 Full Table of Contents


Publisher’s Page

Editorials: The Pro-Flag and Anti-Abortion Pathology; Editor’s Notes


Blue Skies: Reflections on Hollywood and the Holocaust BY LESLIE EPSTEIN

To Blacks and Jews: Hab Rachmones BY JAMES A. MCPHERSON

Mornings and Mourning: A Kaddish Journal BY E.M. BRONER

Jews, Jewish Studies, and the American Humanities BY ARNOLD EISEN

Israeli Literature’s Achilles Heel BY HANAN HEVER

Scratching the Belly of the Beast BY ALAN FREEMAN AND BETTY MENSCH

Death of Popeye BY SHANA PENN

Special Feature: The Pathology of the Occupation

Psychological Dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict BY MICHAEL LERNER

Just Legal: Human Rights in the Territories BY DEDI ZUCKER

Plant a Tree, Get Married, Have a Child, Build a House BY AVIGDOR FELDMAN

The Decline of the Labor Party BY HAIM BARAM





In Memory of Jane Fogarty BY JAY NEUGEBOREN

Book Reviews

Leaving Brooklyn by Lynne Sharon Schwartz BY MARCIE HERSHMAN

Environmentalism and the Future of Progressive Politics by Robert C. Paehlke and Ecology in the 20th Century by Anna Bramwell BY ROBERT GOTTLIEB

The Conquest of Politics by Benjamin Barber BY JOSH HENKIN

Film Reviews

Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing BY MICHAEL ERIC DYSON

Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade BY HARVEY R. GREENBERG

Current Debate: Abortion

Being Ambivalent About Abortion BY RUTH ANNA PUTNAM

A Response to Ruth Anna Putnam BY CAROLE JOFFE

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