Sailing in Kansas: An American Jewish Memoir

by Kathy Green
White Poppy Press, 2012

Kathy Green’s memoir takes us to the Jewish experience of Kansas in the 1950s. It also explores how her family of German Jews processed their own memories of the decades leading up to the Holocaust. As a result, this book is both a valuable historical document and an engaging personal story with striking resonance for many Jews who assimilated into American life and participated in the celebration of U.S. fantasies about this nation and the world. The book’s recounting of Green’s path to a spiritually rich Judaism is one of the many dimensions that make this book an excellent read. Find it at

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One Response to Sailing in Kansas: An American Jewish Memoir

  1. Shaul Levenson December 23, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Kathy Green is a wonderful woman even today. I lived in Kansas City, Mo in the 1970s and attended a wedding at Ft Leavenworth; bought two paintings at the Prisoner Sale that still hang in our home. Didn’t meet her until I came to Boston, though I had read her articles in The Jewish Catalogue. FYI: I also “Sailed in Kansas” on Shawnee Mission Lake. Boston Harbor sailing is a great improvement. With lots of Love to Kathy and her family, Shaul L

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