tags: Analysis of Israel/Palestine, Israel/Palestine, Judaism, Rethinking Religion, Spirituality, US Israel/Palestine Policy  
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One Response to Reflections on Liberal Zionism

  1. David Rose August 3, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    [ad hominem, edited by blog moderator]

    Read the article on why Liberals should love Israel. While there are certainly instances where Palestinians could be treated better there are few instances in the entire world where they are treated better than in Israel.

    My friend, as people used to say in the 70s, if you don’t love it here, leave. If you think your brand of antiSemitism is not appreciated by Jews, move to Gaza. See how they treat Jews there. Or wait, how about a place Israel is not ‘oppressing’, like Iran, or Iraq, or Syria. Yes, there is a bastion of Arab civil liberties.

    Did they give you x number of words to keep the length to, or did you not mention there because you, like the rest of the world does not care about the Syrians because this time it isn’t Israel who is ‘oppressing’ them?

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