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Red Letter Revolution

Red Letter Revolution book coverRed Letter Revolution
Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo

Thomas Nelson publishing, 2012

Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo are two of the most significant prophetic voices in the Christian world. Red Letter Revolution, which raises the question “What if Jesus really meant what he said?” is such an exciting and brilliant book that it should be read by people of all faiths and by secular humanists as well. Claiborne and Campolo’s interpretation of Jesus’s message closely aligns with that of many Jews who are now reclaiming the Jewish prophet from Nazareth as one of their inspiring teachers, though many of these same Jews seem to extend his teachings to the issue of abortion in ways that have no foundation in Jesus’s actual teachings and conflict with the standard Jewish interpretation of Exodus 21:22–23.  Make sure you get this book in the hands of any Christian who wants to repair America’s economic and political ruins—it will give them a spiritual foundation for the healing we desperately need.