Online Exclusives: Disability Justice

The online exclusives below are freely accessible articles that are part of an ongoing special series associated with Tikkun’s Fall 2014 print issue, Disability Justice and Spirituality Many of our most provocative articles on this topic appeared in that print issue, which is only accessible to subscribers. Subscribe now to read the subscriber-only print articles on the web (explore the table of contents to see what you’re missing!).

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Inspired by Moses: Disability and Inclusion in the Jewish Community
by Shelley Christensen

“You Talking About Me?” Disability as a Personal, Social, and Political Construct
by Bill Gaventa

Work Your Quirk: The Power of the Disability Arts Community
by Kevin Kling

The Making of Beauty is a Verb and the Spiritual Body
by Michael Northen, Sheila Black, and Jennifer Bartlett

No Casseroles for Schizophrenics: The Church and Mental Illness
by Kathryn Greene-McCreight

Dear Jael, Wife of Heber the Kenite
by Jilian Weise

Made by God, Broken by Life: Developing an African American Hermeneutic for Disability
by Raedorah C. Stewart

Embodying Our Humanity: Sins Invalid Promotes Disability Justice through Live Performance Arts
(a post from the Tikkun Daily blog)
by Annie Pentilla

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