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March 4, 2011

To find your way around our new website…

…just follow every link that looks interesting!

For our print readers who are really unfamiliar with the web see the New to the Web heading below.

The New Online Tikkun Magazine

Our goal is that every week the slideshow and the four articles with small images underneath will change.

  • Those four articles with images will be exclusive to Tikkun online, though they may include a book excerpt like the extraordinary one by long-time Tikkun author Roger Gottlieb in our first week.
  • The slideshow will feature a wider range of exciting content including:
    • Tikkun articles and editorials
    • Action alerts, conferences, events
    • Posts on our blog, Tikkun Daily
    • Exhibits on our Art Gallery
  • Some new articles may also appear at the top of the Featured Articles section, along with articles from previous weeks’ top four.
  • In the center of the page find Michael Lerner’s pages of editorials and action alerts, core vision, spiritual wisdom and recommendations from the web.


Click the Politics & Society link on the top or bottom banners to find all articles on that theme. On that page, you’ll see a range of topics in a list at left, to narrow your search to sub-themes like U.S. Politics, Israel/Palestine, Race, Gender & Sexuality and so on. Check out the other links on the lighter blue strip on the top banner. The sub-themes from those pages will appear in a grey font above every article title under the Featured Articles heading: click those to find all articles tagged with that sub-theme. As we gradually include articles from our archive of twenty five years, all of them will be available by theme.


Our search bar at top right looks through all of this site, our old site, and our blog. Enter author, title, or any word or phrase.  Visit Our Archive to learn more about accessing our past articles.

Subscriber-Only Content

At present all of the new Spring 2011 print issue is on this site, but – apart from the editorials – is only available to subscribers and members of the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP). On Monday March 7 we are sending out an email to all current subscribers and NSP members giving them a link to register on this site. When you do so the site will place a cookie on your computer so it can recognize you and let you in to subscriber-only content without your having to do anything. But if you delete your cookies, or come to this site from another computer, you will need your username and password to see the current print articles and any other subscriber-only content we put up in future.

New to the Web?

The main thing to know is that you use you must use the cursor controlled by your mouse to find links on the site: blue words in our dark grey text are all links, but there are other links too, like titles and themes on the home page. Whenever your cursor icon (which is often an arrow) changes (often to a hand with a pointing finger) you are on a link, and you have to click on your mouse to go to the page the link leads to. Few of these links say “Click Here” – they just expect you to click. Usually a mouse has left and right buttons: click the left one to go straight to the linked page, click the right one for a menu of possible actions.

As you explore, you may wonder how to get back to where you started. Usually hitting the back button on your browser will do the trick. If you find yourself on Tikkun Daily or the NSP or someone else’s website, the back button will probably not work because we made your browser open a new tab to go to that site; so click on your browser’s tabs (near the top of the screen, under the browser’s tool bar) and our magazine page should be there.

The main idea is to get familiar with links and with all the ways to navigate around the site that you can discover, and then just to explore! Be adventurous!

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