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Letters from Our Spring 2015 Issue

  • Beyond a Ceasefire
  • An Abusive God
  • Feminist Views Of Goddess And God
  • God and Goddess Emerging and A Beaked and Feathered God
  • Thinking Anew About God
  • Prophetic Voices
  • Rise Of Anti-Semitism in Europe
  • Mourning For a Judaism Being Murdered by Israel
  • Sami Awad’s Prophetic Voice
  • Interfaith Connections
  • Perspectives On God

Letters from Our Winter 2015 Issue

  • Jubilee and Debt Abolition
  • An Olive on the Seder Plate
  • Paradigm Shift Judaism
  • What Does America Need in a New Left?
  • Your Words on Israel in Gaza
  • Hamas Has Proven Itself a Hinderance to Peace
  • Animosity Between the Abrahamic Religions
  • Militarism Creates a Them vs. Us Mentality
  • “A Light Unto Nations”
  • The Complexities of Motivation
  • Thank You for the Inspiration–From Australia

Letters from Our Fall 2014 Issue

  • The “Peace Process”: Down and Out?
  • Liturgy Gone too Wild?
  • The Case for BDS
  • Poetry that Lets Us Choose
  • Suicides Over Fifty
  • Remembering Nelson Mandela
  • The Dance of Allyship

Letters from Our Summer 2014 Issue

  • AIPAC and Iran
  • Revolutionary Suicide
  • Middle East Peace
  • Human Uniqueness
  • Wild Liturgy
  • Multiracial Work to End Racism

Letters from Our Spring 2014 Issue

  • Christianity Without the Cross
  • Burning Man
  • War in Syria
  • The Spiritual Truth of JFK
  • Transcendence
  • Revolutionary Suicide
  • Identity Politics, Class Politics, and Spiritual Politics
  • A Portrait of Jewish Americans
  • Shavuot

Letters from Our Winter 2014 Issue

  • Mental Health
  • Buddhism and Dualism
  • Terrorism
  • The Boston Marathon Bombings
  • Trayvon Martin and the Tisha B’av
  • By the Light of Buddha, I Navigate (My) Darkness
  • Buddhism

Letters from Our Fall 2013 Issue

  • Multi-Faith Marriages
  • A Spiritual Way of Seeing
  • Christianity Without the Cross
  • Did the Dalai Lama Say That?

Letters from Our Summer 2013 Issue

  • Jesus and Christianity
  • Gun Violence in America
  • Jewish Vote for President Obama
  • Christianity Without the Cross
  • Atheists and Religious Believers
  • Concerns about ESRA and Restorative Justice Article

Letters from Our Spring 2013 Issue

  • Stop-And-Frisk
  • Christianity Without the Cross?
  • Israel and Iran
  • The Trinity and the Holy Spirit

Letters from Our Winter 2013 Issue

  • Restorative Justice
  • Pinkwashing
  • Rav Kook and the Transition to a Holy State
  • Comments on BDS
  • Immigration

Letters from Our Fall 2013 Issue

  • Israelis’ Attack on Refugees
  • Arabs and the Holocaust
  • Jesus as a Jew

Letters from Our Summer 2012 Issue

  • Transcending Cultural Constraints
  • Safe-Haven Zionism
  • Spiritual Progressive Politics
  • No Lessons to Be Learned from Che Guevara
  • There Is No Genocide in Syria
  • More to Syria than Mainstream Reports
  • Racial Profiling Reflects Badly on Everyone
  • Life Imitating Art

Letters from Our Spring 2012 Issue

  • Addiction and Stress
  • Thoughts on Twelve-Step
  • The Challenges of Peace
  • Our Relationship to Medicine
  • Tikkun and Occupy Wall Street
  • Recognizing Israel
  • A New Perspective on Policing

Letters from Our Winter 2012 Issue

  • Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)
  • A Palestinian State
  • Challenging Obama in the Primaries
  • Reducing U.S. Debt
  • A One-State Solution

Letters from Our Fall 2011 Issue

  • Interdependence Day
  • Charging Per Article
  • Why Religion, and Why Interreligious Dialogue?
  • Atheism
  • Evil
  • Chomsky
  • Israeli Tent Protests

Letters from Our Summer 2011 Issue

  • GMP Assumes U.S. Superiority
  • Bin Laden’s Assassination
  • Us Versus Them
  • Tikkun‘s Haggadah Supplement
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion
  • The Nature of Evil
  • An Effective Peace Process
  • Reflections on the 2010 NSP Conference
  • Libya
  • Christianity, Empire, and Human Rights
  • Love Your Site
  • A Gross Misinterpretation
  • Singularity and Syncretism
  • Extremism in Indonesia
  • Egypt and Israel/Palestine

Letters from Our Spring 2011 Issue

  • Afghanistan and the Lotus Eaters
  • Truly Progressive Giving
  • Israel and the Vatican
  • JFK and Obama
  • Liberal/Progressive/Spiritual
  • Evolution and the Spirit
  • Toward a Just Israel
  • On Love, Kindness, and Generosity

Letters from Our Winter 2011 Issue

  • JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal
  • How to Achieve Tikkun Olam
  • Why Gays Deserve Equal Rights
  • JFK Assassination
  • Assassination and Israel
  • JFK’s Courage
  • Obama’s Frustration and Courage
  • Pursuing Change
  • New Zionism and Peace
  • A Spiritual Progressive Party
  • Violence and Peace
  • Science and Spirit
  • Party Loyalty and Change
  • Iranophobia
  • Negativity Regarding Israel
  • Disillusionment with the Democrats
  • The Vandalization of Lerner’s Home
  • Abolish “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; Freeze Home Foreclosures

Letters from Our November/December 2010 Issue

  • Kucinich and the ESRA
  • Saving the World from Corporate Greed
  • Beyond Government
  • Hamas and Palestine
  • Gay Spirituality
  • Hindu Spirituality
  • Saints Perpetua and Felicitas
  • “Assimilationist” Politics
  • Pragmatism or Morality?
  • God and Theology
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3 Responses to Letters to the Editor

  1. Ron Edge September 15, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    DSoM: FYI:
    In order to read some…most… of your articles, I must “Zoom Out” to a point where I also must put on my glasses OR I must ‘scan’ back-and-forth.

    Both of these alternatives are discomforting and unacceptable unless the subject matter is so vital, in my mind, that I proceed in spite of my annoyance.

    I suggest that the width of your articles are no more than half of the ‘unzoomed’ page because I refuse to alter my settings in so drastic a manner in comparison with the other websites I frequent daily.

    Ron Edge

  2. Carol Colfer October 8, 2011 at 7:27 am

    Hi Michael. My ex-husband (also Michael, Colfer) just told me about your current activities, remembering how very much I’d enjoyed the class I took from you in 1970, immediately after I’d taken my pre-docs at UW and was very sick of anthropology. I made a ‘revolutionary stitchery’ on burlap, as my class project (tired also of writing papers), which you wanted me to give to you—it was brown and black and grey squares/rectangles to the lower left, with a bright red ‘bloody’ slash across the diagonal; and butterflies, flowers, and bright colors to the upper right. More important probably is the effect your class had on me. It opened my eyes to a whole world that had been basically censored for my generation (having to do with Marx’s writing, and others of that ilk). I truly learned more, in terms of holistic understandings, from your class than from any other class I can think of. I confess, at this late date, that I was slighlty enamoured of you as well. :-) Anyway, just thought I’d let you know you’d had a good influence on at least one of your students. Cheers, Carol J. Pierce Colfer

    • Susic Cook (Lyckman) May 10, 2013 at 12:01 pm

      Hi Carol. I don’t know if you remember me. I’m interested in a review of your study in Quilcene in the 70′s. I see that you and Mike are divorced. You had a daughter if I remember right. Toni is almost 45 and Michael 42. Never thought I would get this old !

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