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Do You See Me

Between earth and Heaven?
I’ve never been anything but alone.

But your face warms my world.
Everything that blooms, blooms from you.

When you look at me,
My heart sweetens.

Day and night, beneath your smile,
I lie, preparing myself,

Conjuring you up and letting you go.
It’s the only game I play.

“Siehst Du Mich,” by Else Lasker-Schüler
Translated from the German by Jay Hopler


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Jay Hopler is the author of two books of poetry, Green Squall (Yale University Press, 2006) and The Abridged History of Rainfall (McSweeney’s, 2016). He is Associate Professor of English at the University of South Florida.

Source Citation

Hopler, Jay. 2015. Do You See Me. Tikkun 30(3): 72.

tags: Culture, Poetry