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Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D., is a leading spokesman for contemporary humanistic psychology. He is the current editor of The Journal of Humanistic Psychology and author of Awakening to Awe (published by Jason Aronson, 2009), from which part of this article was adapted. See for more information.

Awe Trumps Polarization

(Editor’s Note:  When we’ve talked about a New Bottom Line as a central part of Tikkun’s message, some people react negatively to the last few words where we call for “awe, wonder and radical amazement at the universe.” What they …

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The Great Awe-Wakening

The fact that “awe” and its variants are flooding our vocabulary is a welcoming sign that a fuller and deeper sensibility of “awe” is reemerging in our culture.

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Bringing Awe-Based Consciousness to Psychotherapy

A progressive movement that is explicitly concerned with fostering an awe-based consciousness will be far more likely to be perceived as understanding one of the most basic needs of contemporary humanity than will a social change movement that appears blind to that concern.

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