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Cherie Brown is the executive director of the National Coalition Building Institute, an anti-oppression leadership training organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. She has been a frequent writer for Tikkun magazine and has been active in U.S. Jewish Middle East peace organizations for over forty years.

Handling Jewish Trauma in the Trump Era

But deep inside, I held an unshakable belief that I was safe in the US. It couldn’t happen here. Then Trump got elected.

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Cherie Brown on Fighting Racism

FIRST DAY of ROSH HASHANAH TALK BY CHERIE R BROWN SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 It is an honor for me to be speaking today.  When David called me shortly after the events in Charlottesville and asked me to try and say …

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Why Identity Group Work Strengthens Our Capacity for All Liberation Work

There is value for leaders in being deeply rooted in their own primary identity group while at the same time learning how to be a fierce ally for all groups.

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The Egyptian Movement for Democracy and Jewish Communal Ambivalence

The momentous changes taking place now in the Middle East provide Israel with a new moment to leave behind its historical fear responses and instead lead the way in welcoming the leaders of these new Arab protest movements.

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Unhealed Terror

It is my understanding that this was the first time the story of a Holocaust survivor had ever been aired on national television in the United States, and the program treated Ms. Kohner’s story as just another made-for-television soap opera. If this was how the non-Jewish world treated the survivors of the Holocaust in the 1950s, what hope was there for the Jewish world to find a place to grieve?

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