A Cry for Dignity

Mary C. Grey
Equinox Publishing, 2010

Subtitled “Religion, Violence, and the Struggle of Dalit Women in India,” Mary Grey’s new book reveals the incredible suffering of those who were once called “untouchables” in India. Grey has been a pioneer in the effort to publicize in the West the problems facing Indian women — particularly those who live in rural areas and have to struggle to obtain water. Now she turns her attention to the way that the persistence of caste prejudice and oppression of women has become a major obstacle to economic development. As a Roman Catholic theologian, Grey has concentrated her attention on issues of social justice, especially in the area of feminist and liberation theologies. Recognizing that religion can be both a source of oppression and also a resource for liberation, Grey presents a nuanced account of the movements that have arisen to challenge the oppression of the untouchables, as well as a powerful call for action.

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