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Being the Love You Seek by Kenneth L. Meyer

A Poem by Spiritual Progressive Kenneth L. Meyer


A personal reflection on life’s purpose:

To cultivate the courage and willingness

necessary to live fully,

embodied in our fragile human form,

to be fully forgiven and forgiving,

non-defensive and open hearted,

and reciprocally empathic in relation to all that is.

This is the ordinariness of a divine dimension

from which we all emerge.

The very love we were born to express as humans,

from within and without,

from bones to heart to spirit,

and as soul to soul,

journeying and returning to and fro,

from earth dust to stardust

– all seeming to occur in a lived space-time

of a perceived universe.

There is no real time or absolute space.

There is only Love.

And we are always and already

the love we seek.

(Meyer, K., May 2013)

tags: Spirituality