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Letters to the Editor


The Jewish Vote 2012
Jewish Republicans predicted that Obama’s disagreements with Israeli policies would cost him heavily, but in fact most Jews did not cast their vote primarily on Israel-related issues: most Jews identified the economy and health care as their primary concerns in exit polls.

Faulty Wisdom in Spielberg’s Lincoln
Rabbi Lerner reflects on Spielberg’s newest drama
Lincoln and some of the key historical aspects the film left out, including the works of the African American community in the struggle for freedom.

More Wars for the Middle East?
“I pray,” says Rabbi Lerner, “that voices of sanity will prevail and that, instead of trying to take out Iranian nukes, Israel will concentrate on outstretching its hands in generosity toward the Palestinian people, thereby neutralizing the one card Arab and Muslim extremists have continually used in the past decades to show that the real enemy is not poverty and ignorance, but Israel and the United States.”

Rabbis Get Boxed In: Criticism of Israel at a High Price
Despite initially applauding the UN admitting Palestine as an “observer state,” many rabbis are forced to recant their approval of the UN resolution due to hostility from the conservative voices in the Jewish community.


Envisioning a Thoughtful and Caring Child Welfare System
Let’s build a foster care system that nurtures each child’s creativity, capacity for joy, and emotional wellness. Here’s how.

Her Books: Moving My Mother’s Library to Al-Quds
What do you do with your parents’ possessions? What do you do with their cherished collections of a lifetime?

A Spiritual Way of Seeing
Most of the theories we use to understand social reality overlook the power of humanity’s desire for community and connection. We need a new narrative behind our efforts to heal the world.

The Mondragón Cooperatives: An Inspiring Economic Hybrid
Sixty years ago, the Basque region was the poorest area of Spain. Today, thanks to local cooperatives, it is the richest–and the wealth is shared.

How Ancient Religions Can Help Us Transcend the Civilization of Greedy Money
We are facing a global crisis created by capitalism. The world’s religions–having emerged in response to the growing power of money in the Axial Age–can help us face it.


Reimagining Judaism: The Great Teshuvah
It’s time to usher in a new paradigm–one of turning and returning to the earth, to each other, and to integrity.

What’s Next in Faith-Based Community Organizing: A Rolling Jubilee
Does life in our debt-driven political economy make your faith feel fraudulent? Debt cancellation is the biblical norm. We need a jubilee to release us from our shame.

We Are All Victims of War: Veteran Liberation Theology
To form a powerful anti-war movement, we need to bridge the gap between U.S. veterans and pacifists. Collaborating on a veteran liberation theology is one place to start.



A Visual Critique of Racism: African American Art from Southern California
by Paul von Blum


The Criminal Caste
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
by Michelle Alexander | Review by Ben Bloch

Physics Through a Jewish Lens?
Einstein’s Jewish Science: Physics At The Intersection of Politics And Religion
by Steven Gimbel | Review by Donald Goldsmith

Does Zionism Have a Future?
The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist: A Personal and Political Journey
by Antony Lerman | Review by Svi Shapiro


Blossom Road by Lindsay Bernal


India: A Sacred Geography by Diana L. Eck

Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life by Jonathan Sperber

Four Views on Jewish Spirituality by Bradley Shavit, Sheldon Lewis, Rami Shapiro and Reuven Firestone


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