Rabbi Lerner Speaks in Boston & Cape Cod on Psychodynamics of American Politics

Rabbi Lerner is going to be speaking in Massachusetts the weekend of May 20th-22nd, and wants to invite you to come hear him at one of these events if you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island or have friends in that area who might like to hear him.

Here’s the schedule: 

He will be at Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue for their Friday night Shabbat service and Saturday morning Shabbat service and will give very short little talks at both services. The service is located at 43 Lochstead Avenue, Jamaica Plain, Ma a section of Boston. If you are someone who likes to engage in lively Jewish prayer, one of these might work for you.

On Saturday evening they have a traditional 3rd Shabbat meal (it’s called Se’udah Shlishit–and it’s traditional to have some singing, shmoozing, and a teaching). That is the occasion on which Rabbi Lerner will give a fuller talk about the psychodynamics of American politics and how we got into the situation in which people are rallying around extremist right-wing politics. However, since the synagogue is supplying food, they need to know who is coming and once they’ve filled their small space, there may not be any room. So if you want to come to this, please sign up now (it’s free). Just click this connection to that event and fill out the info at: Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue se’udah shlishit sign-up (That’s how you register for this Se’udah shlishit event!)

From there Rabbi Lerner goes to Cape Cod and the Episcopal Church in Orleans called Church of the Holy Spirit at 204 Monument Road, Orleans, MA 02653.

In the morning at their 10 a.m. service the  Rev. Adam Linton (the Rector) and Rabbi Lerner will talk about God and how God relates to the healing and transformation of the world that we need today–and whether or how it matters if God is understood in trinitarian terms or in more traditional Jewish terms.

In the afternoon, 2 p.m. at that same church, Rabbi Lerner will be giving a talk titled: Healing The Politics of Anger and Demonization in the 2016 Elections — a psycho spiritual analysis and strategy for building a world of love and generosity.

It would be exciting for Rabbi Lerner to see you if you could come to one of these events that weekend (and Rabbi Lerner would particularly love it if you could also invite your more politically progressive friends to hear him)!


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