Edited by Robert J. Schreiter, R. Scott Appleby, and Gerard F. Powers
Orbis Books, 2010

Read Peacebuilding together with The Greatest Story Oversold, and one can get a renewed sense of hope. The writers assembled in this collection are serious and recognize the enormous challenges faced by those who seek to mobilize Catholicism as a political force on the side of the peacebuilders. Yet in many specific cases Catholics, sometimes detached from or even denounced by the Vatican, have played a central role in supporting and deepening the struggles for peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, and human rights — and often by drawing upon the deep wisdom of Catholicism itself. While we regret the absence from this collection of one of the greatest practitioners of the struggle for human rights, Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of the School of the Americas Watch, we can still rejoice in the publication of a book that should be read by anyone hoping to build a world of peace.


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