Peace-oriented Israelis prepare to demonstrate near the Gaza border

At a junction near the Gaza border, Israelis living in the vicinity will demonstrate tomorrow (Friday) and call out: “Stop the escalation – rebuild Gaza !!!”



Members of Kol Aher (Anohter Voice), an Israeli movement living in the town of Sderot and smaller communities in the Gaza border area, will hold the demonstration at the Yad Mordechai Junction, a short distance north of the border – where they have already held numerous demonstrations and protests on earlier  occasions.


Demonstrators will make upon the government of Israel the following calls:


– Cease the shooting of unarmed demonstrators!


– Lift the siege on the Gaza Strip!


– No violence! Yes to aid in rebuilding Gaza !!


– Form a political program, rather than cause further destruction !!



“For almost 11 years, Israeli society aquieses in  the situation that two million Palestinians live on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, in tis close vicinity… This has to do with the corruption of a society’s basic moral values, with dehumanization and the glorification of the sniper rifle. Under this government, it is not Palestinians society which loses basic human values – it is the Israeli society. ”


Zvi Bar’el, Ha’aretz, 11.4.18



Attached is the press release we published on the eve of the Passover holiday, at the beginning of the violent confronataions




Stop the escalation immediately!


An urgent call upon the government of Israeli government from residents in the Gaza border area.


We, the members of Kol Acher, residents of Sderot and communities in the closevicinity of the Gaza Strip, call upon the Government of Israel and the IDF to stop the escalation and violent policy of shooting and killing civilians involved in demonstrations along the Gaza border.


The organizers of the Gaza demonstrations reiterate theirs is a nonviolent struggle. In an interview before the demonstration, Sami Obeid, a veteran journalist from Gaza, said that he and his five children would march to the border because they had nothing to lose. Gaza is dying, and it does not matter if they die of starvation or gunfire by IDF soldiers … The march is an act of despair and an attempt to draw the world’s attention to the ongoing siege and inhuman suffering of Gaza residents besieged for years


If the government of Israel really wants to protect its citizens living near the border, it is best to finally formulate a clear policy on Gaza and invest our billions of taxpayers money  in helping to rehabilitate Gaza instead of fortifying the world’s largest prison.


Contact:  Naamika Zion – +972-54-7689181; Arik Yellin +972-54-4689001


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